Monday, November 15, 2010

Chinese and Thai Cuisine

There are several Chinese and Thai food outlets in most major cities across the country and oriental food is becoming the fast food and dining favourite. However there seems to be little difference in the Chinese and Thai varieties as most are just referred to as Chinese food outlets. Distinct differences and similarities exist in Chinese and Thai food. Thai food is from Thailand with influences from Indian and Chinese as well as other oriental cuisines. Chinese food is from China and is very homegrown. Thai food is basically spicier maybe due to the Indian influence and also tends to be less greasy as compared to Chinese. Thai food also uses a lot of coconut milk which adds that extra tropical flavour to the food.

Different Ingredients for Different Flavours

Another difference would be in the décor and the general ambience of the distinct cultures, this however would take a very discerning eye to decipher as most oriental traditions use the same class of objects for their décor, for example the dragon. The use of herbs and spices for both cuisines is common and they use basically the same type with Thai food considered to be more currier maybe due to the Indian influence. Chinese use soy sauce and ginger, which is sometimes mixed with sugar for a more distinct taste.

Noodles and rice are considered to be the staple for both the Chinese and the Thai, with the rice served in a separate bowl in Chinese, while Thai food is always served with steamed rice with some vegetables on top. As a general rule of thumb, the Chinese use much less ingredients and more oil than Thai food which ranges from sweet, sour, hot and spicy varieties. However it is said that the cuisine tastes different here from the cuisine in China or Thailand.

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