Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Roofing Care Tips

Without a roof there would be no interior and therefore no interior decorating so it is important to have roofing installed properly and well taken care of. The roof is meant to keep off natural elements like rain, sun and the wind from the house while at the same time it has to endure these harsh conditions. So to start with, the materials used for roofing must be hardy enough to withstand these, yet beautiful enough to accentuate the house design and style. It is therefore important to conduct regular inspection of the roofing to ascertain that it is still in good condition.

Cleaning Roof Gutters and Chimneys

Proper roof installation will place vents for ventilation at the top of the roof and also at the base to ease movement of hot air at the top and cool air into the roofing at the base. These should be evenly distributed and at the right dimensions to encourage maximum airflow to all portions of the roof. Gutters and downspouts simply take water away from the roof and to a location far from the foundation. They can be made of aluminum, vinyl, tin, copper, wood or other such material that complements the roofing. Gutters need to be cleaned regularly to rid them of leaves and other debris and also checking for leaks and fixing them promptly.

Flashing connects the joints and seams in a roof which are the locations where leaks are most likely to occur and so it must be inspected regularly to establish that it is still firmly in place. The roof surface needs to be cleaned regularly to rid it of debris and moss which may lead to leakages. Houses with chimneys need to have these inspected, repaired and cleaned regularly so that the interior decorating is not damaged by soot from the fireplace.

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