Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boutique Hotels in Kenya

A popular trend is emerging in the hospitality industry world wide in the form of boutique hotels or as they are known in the west, design or lifestyle hotel. These are small luxury hotels that offer top notch service in the vicinity of five-star magnificence and more. Boutique hotels pride themselves in the exclusive and personal attention with comfort being second to none. Most of these facilities have less than ten guest rooms with the more spacious facilities, especially at the coastal strip, having not more than fifty guest rooms. Their suites are only comparable to the presidential and honeymoon suites in modern regular hotels in terms of features. They may come fitted with state of the art technology or none at all focusing rather on quiet and comfort.

Boutique Hotels Facilities

Boutique hotels are generally individual and private and will not normally be in the homogeneity of chain hotels. Some boutique hotels in Nairobi include the Tribe at the Village Market along Limuru road, the Windsor Golf Hotel in Kiambu and Fairview Hotel tucked away in Nairobi’s leafy community area. Most boutique hotels, however, are situated away from the city in the numerous game reserves including the Mara and Laikipia plateau as well as at the coastal strip in Watamu, Malindi, Diani, Lamu and Mombasa. Some are in the Central highlands in the country including the Mount Kenya Safari Club.

Boutique hotels are a perfect accommodation choice for the discerning hotel guest looking for personalized service with the finest and modern facilities. All these boutique hotels in Kenya can be accessed by privately chartered planes or the schedule flights. The ambience in this category of hospitality establishments is world class with unrivalled style and charm. Their stylish demeanour and attention to detail is well worth their rates and satisfaction is definitely guaranteed.

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