Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making a Nursery Mobile

Nursery interior décor is meant to be welcoming to the child and at the same time stimulating so that it boosts their intellectual development. Different items do this in different ways and some do both enhancing and stimulating at the same time. Decorating a nursery can be very expensive and some ways to save money without compromising on the baby’s comfort have to be formulated. An interesting and economical way of doing this is creating some of the décor items at home as crafts. This may involve every member of the family as a way of bonding and increasing creative skill in the young ones. An item that can be easily made at home is the nursery mobile which is important for the child’s stimulation, development and relaxation.

Lightweight Cardboard and Paper Ornaments

The materials used to make a mobile are easily available in a home and a variety of the items used will determine the final outlook of the mobile. For starters the mobile needs to be hang from the ceiling and so a hook has to be firmly attached to the ceiling. The threads from which the mobile will dangle have to be strong enough to hold the weight of the mobile structure together with its ornaments. Nylon thread and fishing wire are very strong and the good part is that they are not very visible making them ideal choices.

The main structure of the mobile or the frame should be light weight and could be harnessed from wood, plastic or metal. This can then be formed into the desired shape such as a star, circle, rectangle or any other suitable shape. The ornaments are an opportunity for the family’s creativity to shine through. They could be done as presents for the baby and should be in lightweight material like paper or cardboard.

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