Thursday, January 13, 2011

Decorating with Flower Vases

Flower vases are chosen with the flowers they are used to hold in mind and mostly not for their aesthetic value addition to the home’s interior décor. However, even on their own, vases can make a statement that complements the room’s décor. Plain vases can still be used to accentuate the room’s décor and colour scheme as they are or with some decorative elements added to them. Ribbons, beads and paint can be used to adorn these thereby adding to their aesthetic value. These additional decorations can also be done to suit different occasions and events such as wedding receptions, anniversary dinners and even children’s birthdays.

Filling Spaces with Vases

Large floor vases are ideal for filling up empty spaces in a room. They may also be used to hold different items such as umbrellas in an entrance porch. If the space permits, the vases can be placed in groups of threes and these could be of the same colour and design or complement each other and the room décor. Such a décor theme is both stylish and artistic, especially if the vases are of different sizes but same design. For a greater effect place the vases where they will have impact like at the entrance porch or next to a staircase.

To further enhance the beauty of the vases, different fillers can be added to them. Clear glass vases are versatile and differently coloured pebbles can be put in them in layers. Beads in different colours and sizes can also be used instead of the pebbles for a colourful and artistic display. Dried and spray-painted flowers used as fillers also add an inventive flair when decorating with flower vases as do silk flowers and feathers. Vases framed by placing them in front of a mirror or draperies do wonders to the interior décor.

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