Sunday, October 17, 2010

Decorative Baby Nursery Lighting

Few things add greater joy to the coming of a new baby than choosing interior decorating themes for the nursery. An essential aspect to this is the choice of nursery lighting that will be ideal for the baby while adding to the overall décor of the home. Babies’ eyes are sensitive to light and appropriate lighting has to be considered to avoid damage to the eyes. Additionally, babies have little ability to differentiate between day and night and installing sharp lighting may completely wake up a baby during a night diaper change or feeding session.

Using Natural Nursery Lighting

Nursery lighting should be soft with an ability to calm a baby to sleep as good sleep patterns ensure healthy growth. During the day, light should be adequate while avoiding direct sun rays as they harmful to the baby’s delicate sight and skin. Skylight is an interesting feature to consider where the windows are not adequate to provide enough light to the nursery. However blinds should be installed on the skylight for shade when the baby naps during the day. Different lighting should be considered for nights such as ambient lighting that illuminates the whole room, area lighting lights up only a certain area like the changing table or the feeding area and en-route lighting illuminates the path to the crib.

For a classier look, different light fixtures can be installed that apart from providing illumination will add to the general interior decorating theme of the room. Chandeliers do this hands down and are available in a variety of designs for both boy and girl themes. For smaller nurseries a mini-chandelier will act as a great focal point. Most nursery table lamps come with matching bedding sets, they showers the room in a soft glow and is the most practical choice for night nursery lighting. 

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