Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tips for Wooden Floor Care

More homes are installing solid wood or parquet floors as part of their interior decorating procedures, for their sense of richness, warmth and natural beauty at first glance. When well taken care of wooden floors can easily maintain the good looks for a long time while adding value to a home. Dampness seriously damages wooden floors and the greatest care should be taken to ensure that this surface stays dry, aside from the occasional damp mop for cleaning. Thus wooden floors are unsuitable for the kitchen due to inherent spillages, unless it is laminated or covered in linoleum to protect the wood. Another factor to consider in wooden floor care is the effect of dirt and grit which act as sand paper to the floor, leaving unsightly dents and scratches. They also damage the floor surface when tracked into the floor. Floor mats can be placed at entrances to trap dirt and grit and removing shoes at the entrance also helps.

Valuable Wooden Floor Care

When moving furniture on a wooden floor, consider lifting it as dragging can leave scratches on the surface that may be very hard and expensive to remove. Effective wooden floor care includes protecting it from direct sunlight by use of sheer drapes to keep off harmful ultra violet rays that discolour this floor. Regular polishing and sealing of wooden floors ensures that the surface is protected from moisture apart from the attractive shine that this produces.

It is imperative to place area rugs or mats in areas that heavy traffic is likely to occur on a wooden floor. Regular inspection to ascertain the condition of the wooden floor will most certainly guarantee that problem areas are caught early and the necessary measures taken. Successful wooden floor care adds value to interior decorating while adding aesthetic value to a home.

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