Monday, January 31, 2011

Tips for Choosing High Chairs

When there is a baby in the house it is important to purchase a high chair as part of the interior décor and more specifically for the dining area. High chairs are useful when feeding the baby as they get to sit comfortably and at the dinner table they feel like part of the party as they sit independently. As the baby grows older, they can easily learn to feed themselves from a high chair as long as the utensils have suction cups on them so that they stick to the tray. This will prevent them from flinging the plate or cup away and damage other items in the room such as the carpet and other furniture.

Safe High Chairs

For a high chair to serve its purpose well, certain factors have to be considered including its stability. This can be tested by giving it a firm push and a stable chair will remain upright after such a shove. The materials used to make the frame of the chair must be strong and a cross bar on the legs will increase its stability. All the legs of the chair must be on the floor at the same time so that the chair does not rock to and fro.

The seat of the chair should be made of material that is not irritant to the baby’s delicate skin. The tray and other parts of the chair should also have rounded edges to prevent injury. The hinged parts of the chair should have a lock that is not within reach of the child and the chair should have a harness to prevent the baby from falling off the chair. Chairs that have nooks and crannies may present a challenge in cleaning and so choose one that is easy to clean and with a washable fabric.


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