Thursday, October 14, 2010

Office Décor and Colour Schemes

The choice of colour for the office is just as important as the choice of office furniture in interior decorating circles. The two aspects have to blend well and contribute to the overall office image. The choice of colour is very crucial partly because it also affects the mood of the office and the productivity of the employees. It is therefore important to choose colours that boost motivation for higher productivity. Colour choice should not intimidate clients and business partners but rather be inviting and calming fostering a good relationship. Additionally the type of business activity should influence the choice of colour for office decor.

Inspired Office Décor Colours

High energy colours like reds and deep yellows are best suited for customer oriented business environments such as fast food outlets. These colours stimulate activity which is appropriate these type of businesses. These colours are unique for these particular business activities and would not be a popular choice for a majority of conventional office décor. Most conservative business environments will opt for neutral colours like pastels and matte colours like cream for a softening effect. This is a calming colour scheme, utilizing pale a non-dramatic spectrum such as soft blues and white.

Modern day office décor is minimalist in nature, utilizing “transparent” environments where glass partitioning and open plan offices are a salient feature. Colour schemes for these use the same colours as the neutral approach, with the glass surfaces and open plan office décor enhancing light and appearance of space. For a more regal and elegant look in office interior decoration, consider a natural colour scheme. This incorporates wood paneling with a mixture of natural greens, grays and off-white blends. The effect is a high-class and expensive environment. In choosing a colour scheme for the office, personal taste and creativity should not be compromised.

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