Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Decorating with Potted Plants

 Beautiful plants and flowers greatly enhance interior decorating, be they indoors or out on a verandah or porch. Potted plants come in handy especially when the grounds are not big enough for conventional gardening to take place. However, plants in a pot require more care than those planted directly in a garden so one has to devote a measure of time to ensure that they are in good condition always. Most plants can be potted but care must be exercised in the choice of the pot, the soil used and the position of the plant so potted.

Choosing a pot is more than just the outside beauty but the design must suit the plant. However the plants will greatly determine the choice of pot since some plants have a deep root system that will require a deeper, longer or wider pot. Some others will do just fine in a shallow planter. Potting soil should be one that drains well and is not heavy to avoid water clogging and damage to the root system. However it should retain enough moisture to prevent the plants drying out in warm weather. Not all potted plants love the sun like the roses do and that is why some potted plants like orchids do well indoors where there is adequate shade, while others will die out in a matter of hours. Others like the Sygonium are popular and do well in and outdoors.

All plants need to be watered and fed with fertilizer regularly to ensure good health and colour retention. Watering requirements, though, are diverse depending on the plant itself, prevailing weather conditions and the positioning. It is important to trim back overgrowth and to clean the foliage to ensure a neat look. Incorporating potted plants in interior decorating plans adds creativity and freshness.

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