Sunday, November 21, 2010

Accessorizing a Teenager’s Room

It is important when engaging in interior decorating for a teenager to design it with change in mind. This is because teenagers can tend to be fussy and change their desires and likes on a whim. It is however easy to change the theme in their rooms affordably by incorporating accessories that can be moved to other rooms as hard as this may seem. The accessories in a teenager’s room should reflect their style and preferences as much as possible. However the backdrop to show case these accessories can be neutral and interchangeable for different themes. This will ensure that only the accessories will need to be changed in case the theme transforms, leaving the more expensive and bulky items intact.

Neutral Backgrounds to Showcase Accessories

The walls in a teenager’s room could be done in a neutral colour like cream, lilac or even grey, which will be the base colour and incorporated in most of the bulkier items in the room. Since most teenagers study in their rooms, the lamps used to light up the room to facilitate this activity should be inexpensive and to the teenager’s current taste. When change comes only the lighting will need to go leaving the room’s costlier items in place. Throw cushions are another area that teenagers can express their individuality and if and when change comes the covering can be affordably changed to the new preference.

Teenagers can also express their individuality by displaying their favourite knick knacks in a cabinet, shelf or on the walls. However some sense of order must be maintained so that art projects and collages on the wall do not damage the surface. To boost the teenager’s self image awards and trophies can be showcased in a ladder-like shelf that will take advantage of vertical space while complementing the room’s interior decorating.

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