Saturday, November 20, 2010

Maasai Mara Family Holiday

One way for the family bond to get strengthened is by going on a family holiday. Here, without the routine of daily family life, the family members can let their hair down and give each other the much needed attention. A popular holiday spot the world over is the Maasai Mara advantageously located on the southern part of Kenya. The Mara, as it is popularly known, is easily accessed by road or air from Wilson Airport in Nairobi. The journey to the Mara from Nairobi by road takes about four to five hours and can be quite adventurous as one travels along the beautiful landscape.

Wonderful Adventures at the Mara

A family holiday at the Mara is a great opportunity to enjoy the wildlife as one also enjoys the modern amenities from the numerous hotels, lodges and campsites located in the area. Most of these are family friendly, offering facilities fitting for a family to stay comfortably as though they were in their own house. This is especially important for families with toddler or pre teen who can be quite demanding in terms of keeping them occupied, their living spaces and also in their diet. Cabins are most ideal for families as the meals can be prepared and personalized for the family making the holiday most memorable.

Another advantage of taking a family holiday at the Mara is that there are always subsidized rates for Kenyan residents and attractive family packages. Among the spectacular attractions available at the Mara include balloon safaris which can be enjoyed by the entire family and are quite breathtaking. The Mara is famous for the wildebeest migration during the months of July to September. This event is classified as one of the wonders of the world and will add to the pleasure of the holiday, leaving the entire family rejuvenated.

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