Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Planning a Teenager’s Room Décor

Interior decorating for teenagers need not be as difficult as it is cut out to be. This period in life is deemed to be the most rebellious but this trait can be used to everyone’s advantage while decorating. This is because there are so many choices of décor themes available which can work well with any teenager’s peculiar taste and styles. Teens can be very particular with their styles and especially their colour schemes as they yearn for freedom and more space. They will want their individuality well expressed as they endeavour to make their own decisions about their living spaces. It is important to work together with them to establish themes that will work for both the parent and the teen.

Rich, Decorative Colours for Teens

Colour is important to teens in about the same way or as much as their iPods, cell phones, clothes or their computers. These vary with the genders, with favourite girl colours including pink, turquoise, orange, white and purple. Boys on the other hand like navy or sky blue, khaki, red or gray. These are all rich palettes that can be easily and comfortably incorporated in décor themes for individual teens. Certain shades of green and purple are a favourite for both genders which makes it easy for the parent when the room has to be passed on to a sibling of opposite gender.

Most teens like to play their favourite music loud from their room, while not wanting to infringe on their privacy, it is important to try and sound proof the room with a nice thick carpet as opposed to floor boards and installing a thick door. Favourite themes for boys include surf and beach, while girls are partial to princess and romantic themes; all these can be achieved easily in interior decorating using bright, decorative colours.

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