Saturday, January 1, 2011

Making New Year’s Party Hats

 Nothing is more fun during the holidays than a New Year’s  party and the fun and joy can be heightened by wearing beautiful party hats that are easy to make at home. The materials used to make party hats range from plastic, paper and even felt. This fun activity takes a short time and a bit of creativity with an exciting resultant effect. Glue or some adhesive is useful in joining the different parts of the hat together. Felt material may need some stitching which may be done by hand or by machine. Most New Year’s hats are red with a white trimming but the colours can be personalized according to the party theme.

Decorating Party Hats

For paper hats, choose a strong paper that will not tear easily and start by cutting out the desired shape, which in most cases is conical. The conical shape can then be decorated using other shapes like stars cut out from papers with matching or glittering colours. These are then stuck on the conical shape. Spray paint and crayons can also be used to decorate the hats. Glue is then used to join the two ends of the conical shapes to make a hat. In some cases an elastic band is used to hold it in place and this is attached to two opposite sides of the hat.

Felt hats are made in a more sophisticated manner using differently coloured felt material. Use a sharp pair of scissors and cut the material on a flat surface to avoid damaging the material and for a smoother cut. Hat toppers can be made from foil and ribbons, which can be tied into bows for girl’s hats. Pompoms are great toppers for felt New Year’s hats and should be in a different colour from the main hat colour for a striking contrast.

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