Saturday, January 22, 2011

Swimming for Health and Fitness

Swimming is a wonderful sport and the beauty of it is that it is non impact hence its popularity as a way of training for fitness and as a leisure activity. Swimming helps one to lose weight too while at the same time it is a relaxing activity. It is known to work every part of the body and does not exert undue pressure on joints and muscles. It sort of returns one to the womb and they say that babies swim effortlessly in a pool with minimal chances of drowning, of course with supervision. It is however important, just like in other sporting activities, to warm up the body and stretch before a swimming session.

Improving Heart Rate by Swimming

To start with, swim from one end of the pool to the other in a comfortable stroke such as back stroke or side stroke which allow you to float easily on the water. Increase the speed and intensity of the strokes to burn more calories and achieve the desired results. More experienced swimmers will use the butterfly or freestyle strokes which burn more calories as more muscles are involved. Moving from a fast pace to a slow one reduces the heart rate and ensure burning of more calories than when one stays at a constant pace.

To develop the shoulder and arm muscles, use hand paddles as they will offer some resistance. A kick board will strengthen leg and abdominal muscles while at the same time help to perfect a stroke by concentrating on leg movements only. Like in all activities, success is attained only through consistency. So swimming on a regular basis or even daily will ensure that the desired results of health and fitness are achieved faster. Swimming is also great as a recreational and socializing activity that all age groups enjoy.

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