Sunday, December 19, 2010

Decorating the Bathroom for Christmas

It is practical to decorate the bathroom for the holidays to keep the Christmas spirit alive throughout the home. The bathroom is a private room that should also be relaxing and there area several soothing holiday decorating options. For a subtle hint a Christmas themed picture can be hung in this room such as one with a Santa or a Christmas tree. Towels are synonymous with bathrooms and they are also available in holiday themes, alternatively Christmas finger tip towels can be hung over larger plain coloured towels. Nothing screams Christmas more than a wreath hung on the bathroom door or a Christmas tree, artificial or real, with all its trimmings.

Christmas Shower Curtains

Christmas themed shower curtains are great for going all out on holiday decorations. These are available in full Christmas illustrations such as Santa, Christmas trees or a snowman. A more practical option is to put up plain coloured shower curtains with trims in Christmas colours, which can be used even beyond the Christmas season any time of the year. Add to the Christmas spirit by hanging the shower curtains using Christmas themed hooks. Bathroom rugs are functional pieces that are also available in Christmas motifs and can be bought as a set for different position on the bathroom floor including the welcome mat.

The bathroom window sill can be a great surface to create a nativity scene using small Christmas figures. A contemporary Christmas scene can also be created using figures of Santa, his elves, reindeers and sleigh and a snowman. There are beautiful bathroom accessories sets including a soap dish, toilet paper holder, soap pump and toothbrush holder made as Santa’s boots or other holiday themes that will brighten up the bathroom in resplendent Christmas fashion. Christmas themed bath toys add the holiday excitement to children’s bath time.

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